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Rustic Barrel Bar from Haggards Rustic Goods. Now this is cool! This rustic bar is all hand-made right here in Texas. Constructed entirely of old barn wood and real solid oak barrels, this is one unique addition to your outdoor patio, game room or anywhere you want to put it. The barn wood is actually recycled, weathered wood so it will look just the same as it does now, for many more years. Completely built by hand, this bar features very sturdy construction. 

The barn weighs over 175 lbs so you know it is SOLID. Behind the bar there are shelves and doors. The shelves have three levels on one side and two levels on the other, for taller bottles and items. The cavities of the shelves are actually the insides of the barrel halves. The barrels are true, retired wine containers. They are made of SOLID oak. Each barrel half also has the original six steel bands and nails as they did when they contained red wine. Sometimes you can still smell the heavy aromatic odor still present in each barrel. They blend very well when used in conjunction with our Coolers, Tables or Trash Cans.

Approximate Dimensions (these may vary slightly as each piece is built by hand):

41”H x 64”W(Counter) x 24”D

Each of these barrels will vary as to their appearance. Each one is different but will look “something” like the one shown here.