About Us

At Haggards Home & Outdoor Living we have designed and built some of the most unique indoor and outdoor rustic goods available anywhere. Each one of our wooden products is hand-made out of all types of reclaimed wood so no two finished goods are alike. All of these rustic items are hand-crafted in Texas.

One of our customer's favorite items is our rustic coolers which are not only unique, they offer several decorative options to choose from and several styles as well. All of our rustic coolers feature official Thermos brand ice chests for liners. These liners hold the cold much better than metal ones, many of which don’t even have any insulation in them! Also, Thermos coolers are easier to clean and are more sanitary, especially when storing ice made for drinks. Plus all of our coolers include convenient drain plugs.

Be sure to check out the Super-Duper cooler! This unit includes a bottle rack, separate small cooler for ice and lemons/limes/garnishes, a cutting board, knife slot, towel bar, casters, storage drawer, fold-down side shelf and a lot more! We know it’s kind of a corny name, but all of our staff were involved in its design, and based on the sales, we must have a great product!

Another popular item is our single and double trash can holders. These complement the rustic coolers or show very well by themselves, indoors or out. Available in two versions, the larger double also works as a recycling bin. You may add your own trash receptacle or order one from us, it fits perfectly.  

Our site also includes other related rustic and decorative items. All of these goods may be used indoors as well as outside and really dress up any patio, deck, kitchen, or game room. Be sure to check out our “Past Projects” page which highlights some of our previous creations like dining tables, chairs, hutches, couch tables, vegetable bins, decorative items. All of our production items are designed and crafted, by hand, right here in Texas.

We are continually adding more pictures and products, so check back often.